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    5.1 surround sound help i guess?

    So I'm gonna try explain this as easy for you to read as possible because I sort of have an idea, but I muddle it up in my head. So I Have a 50inch 4k TV, a 5.1 surround sound HTIB and my pc, Currently setup like so - Pc>hdmi>tv receiver>hdmi>tv(ARC) This produces 5. 1 surround when playing...
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    Sony HTIB Question

    Hey everyone, I have a Sony BDV-E3100 HTIB and the speakers connect to the box with a strange plug. Even though I have successfully got 5.1 working even in chrome with the HTIB (with DTS interactive), I don't like the receiver. I was just wondering if I could snip off the end on the cord on...
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    Should I get an HTiB or get separate components? is the HTiB i am planning to buy. If getting separate components is the better way, what should I get?