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  1. DeathNight77

    Question My cassette deck (TEAC V-340) has a very loud hum when playing back recorded audio

    I bought a (used) cassette deck yesterday, worked fine in store but I didn't test out the recording cause I didn't have blank tapes with me, or recording gear. I tested out the recording this morning, and there is a very loud hum noise, almost like electrical hum, but it sounds similar to when...
  2. SamToz

    Question My Pickering subwoofer has it's amp buzzing - IMPORTANT

    Hey ! I have this active Pickering subwoofer that buzzs loudly when I turn it on, regardless if I play some music or not. That happened when I was fiddling around in the amp's motherboard and made an false manoeuver. The motherboard + capacitors seem fine visually, when that happened it made an...
  3. L

    Solved! hum from mixer

    Hi guys new to the forum here. I have an Alessis Multimix 8 USB that is having a humming/buzzing sound even when nothing is connected while listening on headphones or pc. I can get the hum to lower by increasing the volume on line 3 while listening on line 1. Not sure if ground loop, I've tried...
  4. Kestrel-7

    I have a project for you all: Humming Noise when Connecting Speakers to Subwoofer

    Here's the background: I received the GoGroove basspulse more than a year ago for Christmas. It comes with both a subwoofer and speakers. This was a pretty cool setup because the speakers just plugged directly into the subwoofer and then the subwoofer plugged into the wall. There was also a...
  5. reshaydee

    Microphone buzzing noise interference possibly caused by GPU?

    I recently purchased an Electro-Voice RE320 as a mic upgrade over my old AKG C1000S. Apart from a change of mics, I've always used the Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 as my USB Audio Interface and have experienced no issues, interference, or noise with other microphones before the RE320. With the RE320...
  6. C

    Loud crackling develops on its own, even after all controls were cleaned and working again.

    I've an old Sansui 221 which had been crackling with the volume control. I cleaned all the knobs that were causing crackle successfully, they all seem very smooth now. However yesterday before I did this I was using it and after about an hour noticed a developing hum. After another 30 min it...