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  1. them1s

    Question cloud flight wont respond

    i bought cloud flight yesterday i charged it used it just fine and charged overnight today it wont respond holding power button does nothing no beep at all cant go pair mode nothing happens but leds are always on cant change it when i plug the charching cable leds breath 1-2 sec and goes off but...
  2. Bruno_Furumoto

    Question Does HyperX Revolver accepts third party mic's?

    Just curiosity, because like the Revolver has a P2 jack right? so theoretically any other p2 mics would be accepted right?
  3. L

    Best Bang For Buck Headset For Csgo? Hyper X Cloud 2

    Hey guys, I was looking for a great headset for CS:GO and found that the Hyper X Cloud 2 popped out a lot. At 100 dollars CAD, is this a good headset for csgo? Im reluctant to spend more than 150$ CAD on a headset, and these seem perfect, judging by reviews. If this isn't the best for the price...
  4. P

    Logitech G933 vs Hyper x cloud 2?

    I care about comfort, sound quality, and having a good sounding microphone. I've heard great things about the clouds 2's but the only issue is that they are wired and the G933's are wireless. Im not really sure how to manage headset wires on my really clean setup, without having them look ugly...