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  1. mccoolaustinm

    Laptop for a mobile programmer?

    Hello everyone! I'm a "Data Management Specialist" (glorified computer geek with a typing speed over 130wpm, macro-writing knowledge and MOS specialist certs) by day, a Computer Science student by night, and a gamer by really late at night. (A little background app called Dimmer is my friend...
  2. M

    i5-4200U Hyperthreading disabling

    my notebook has an i5 mobile CPUs that has hyperthreading (i5-4200U) i don't have the option in my BIOS to disable it any ideas?
  3. F

    Should I disable Hyper-threading?

    Hey guys I have an ASUS S46CM which has a 3317u, 6 GB of RAM and a GT 635m. ASUS shipped the laptop with Hyperthreading enabled. Is this good/bad for my laptop in anyways since my clock rate seems to be limited to 0.78 Ghz. Will disabling hyperthreading grant any benefits? Thanks