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  1. H

    My laptop with i3 3217u Overheat and Underperforming

    I bought a laptop with this spec: i3 3217u 1,8ghz Geforce 740m 2gb Ram 2x4gb When i use it for gaming like Gta V, Fortnite, AC Liberation, my laptop get very hot with gpu 85 degree and cpu 91 degree. And usage: gpu 50% cpu 100% ram usage only 4gb at gta v and 2gb ac liberation When i see a...
  2. C-userT_T

    i3-6100u to replace Pentium E6700

    Hi, I have an old Pentium E6700 (3GB RAM) using it basically for web browsing as well as making digital works with Photoshop. I thought it's time for me to move from desktop to laptop. I have my eyes on a low budget i3-6100u (4GB RAM) I may upgrade it to 8GB. No SSD. Would an Intel Core...
  3. J

    Laptop fom programming and old games

    Hi everybody, and thanks in advance! I'm having some trouble to decide, maybe an excess of information... Here is the point, I need a laptop that can manage this tasks Programming in Android and Arduino (small projects) Play old games like Civilization III, Age of empires Editing with Gimp...
  4. F

    Will More Ram Increase Sony Vegas Rendering Speed?

    I currently have a YouTube channel which I upload to 3 times a week. I have recently switched to Sony Vegas Pro 13, from Movie Maker, and I've suddenly noticed how long it takes to render. Rendering 1080p, 60fps, at 26000 kbps bitrate it takes about 4 minutes per minute of footage. Sometimes my...
  5. M

    Intel i3/i5 tablet under 500$

    hi, Anyone knows a good windows i3/i5 tablet for under 500$ ? I'm looking for a tablet that meets my requirements: - a tablet form factor. - Intel i3/i5 based processor. - 4gb of ram, or more. - at least 32 gb of storage. - screen size 10" and more. - at least 1 full-size usb 3.0 port. -...
  6. B

    Can I change the processor on my Dell inspiron 11 3000?

    I want to change my Pentium processor to an I3 and I was wondering if it was possible.
  7. S

    I3 4th gen or i5 5th gen?

    I want advice on which one i should buy.... i3 4th gen or i5 5th gen? No doubt i5 would be better but i5 one costs $140 more.Is it worth. I want laptop only for college purposes.
  8. D

    Can I Run CS:GO On My Laptop

    I have a Asus k555ld not sure what exact model but here's my specs Processor:i3-4003u 1.9GHZ Video Card:Geforce 820m 2gb Ram:4gb and can I add more ram if you know please And I have 1TB of storage Could I play on high or medium at around 40-60fps if not what could I get at low on 720p
  9. C

    which is better lenovo g50-70 59-422418 or acer aspire e5 3262 for engineering student IT

    both have 4gb ram/1tb hdd/2gb graphics(lenovo-amd ; acer-nvidia)/lenovo- free dos ; acer- linux/15.6just that which brand is better...and battery life...use- movies,games(call of duty,fifa,counter strike etc) and visual studio dot net,tomcat,apache etc...im fine with the config of both(almost...
  10. R

    Buying a Gaming Laptop

    Hey there. I just have a question about purchasing a laptop for gaming. Now, I just want to say this, I'm not looking to do higher end gaming. All I want to play from time to time are game emulators. -ePSXe (For playstation 1 games) -Virtual Boy Advance (For GBA games) -Project64 (Nintendo 64...
  11. X

    Buying brother a Laptop to Play WoW/LoL Etc

    Okay as the title states I will be buying my brother a new laptop as his current one is my old one. So - Around 6 years old. All he plays well wants to play as of now is World of Warcraft and League of Legends. He'd like to dabble in a bit of Diablo 3 but he said his main two are the ones...
  12. R

    Pls suggest which to buy

    Hi Experts, Kindly advise... I am looking at i5 (3rd gen) + min 4 gb ram + 320GB or more Hard disk + graphics with 1 gb dedicated. My budget is 35K to 40/42K. I am currently in Mumbai India. I know that all these laptop brands are not manufacturers, and laptops are manufactured by Taiwan...
  13. CheesyHotDogPuff

    SB i3 Running at 80C ON IDLE?!!!!

    Does anyone know how to fix this? I think my computer is about to explode... Even my oced i5-3570k to 4.2ghz doesn't run like this on load! And thats just with a 212 evo! Any ideas?