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  1. E

    IE8 Rollout

    Hi, The organization i work for are planning on rolling out IE8 to the business to replace IE7. However, before we do this, I want to ensure all things are taken in to consideration before the rollout and tested thoroughly. I can think of a number of things that will need to be tested but I was...
  2. exfileme

    Online Retailer Charging Tax for Using IE7

    An online retailer is forcing customers to share site maintenance costs for using the outdated Internet Explorer 7. Online Retailer Charging Tax for Using IE7 : Read more
  3. G

    Google phases out IE7 support

    Google discontinued support for IE6 a little over a year ago. Now it's IE7's turn. Google phases out IE7 support : Read more
  4. C

    Problems with internet explorer 7

    Lately I have been having problems with IE7. I will type an address in the address bar and press enter but Internet explorer does not do anything. It stays on the current page. It doesn't seem to detect that I aksed it to go to another page. Can anybody help? Why is this happening? How do...
  5. exfileme

    Serious Flaw In IE7 Still Lingers

    Apparently Microsoft has yet to patch a serious flaw in the latest build of Internet Explorer, allowing hijackers to take control of consumers PCs. Serious Flaw In IE7 Still Lingers : Read more
  6. Rolly1988

    Internet Explorer 7 not working for no obvious reason???

    Hi there, For no obvious reason IE7 has decided that its had enough and will not work on my pc. I have this problem before but have managed to get it going again after reinstalling it. However this time its taking a long vacation and doesn't seem to want to come back, roughly a month now since...
  7. C

    IE7 XP - - Any patch or updates ?

    Me using IE7 on XP SP2, is their any latest patches or updates ? I checked manually frm microsoft website but theres just two of them :
  8. P

    Frequent crashing with IE7

    I noticed over the past month, my IE ver 7 will shut down. The message reads 'IE has encountered a problem and needs to close. If you like to send Microsoft a message about this.....' I send the message each time. Recently whenever it happens, there's a message about Dr.Watson Debugger having a...