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  1. A

    Question Best IEM/earbuds incl mic for FPS gaming

    Hi all, I'm wondering if you could give me any tips on getting IEMs or earbuds specifically for competitive FPS gaming. I realize that good quality headphones are preferred for FPS and I own a pair of AT AD900x, but due to medical issues with increased pressure inside my skull I can only wear...
  2. S

    Which of these would have better sound quality: Shure SE215 or ATH M40x?

    I understand that they are two very different types of listening devices but I've been torn on getting one of these. I've always wanted one but I'm not sure which have better sound quality, I will primairy use it for listening to music and playing some casual games but I'd like to understand the...
  3. AndrewDafuqq

    Best IEMs/Earphones for iPhone Music?

    Hey, My Shure SE215s recently broke and now I am looking for an "upgrade" to the and found these two options: 1MORE Triple Driver In-Ear Headphones OR MEEAudio M6 PRO Earphones What I am looking for in these earphones are comfort, convience (inline remote w/ control and volume) and also am...