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  1. Iver Hicarte

    What is a seedbox?

    I know this isn't the forum to post this thread to but I need to know what exactly is a seedbox. I know some of you might be thinking that I should just search the internet for the answer, but the answers being provided by the internet is so complicated, I can't quite comprehend the things that...
  2. B

    Toshibatries to start, and shuts down, and tries to start again, over and over again, a stop code is " bad system config info

    Toshiba laptop tries to start and shuts off and boots up again and tries to start only toshut off again , over and over again, there is a stop code that says "bad system config info " how do Ifix this ?
  3. R

    Could videos downloaded from YouTube videos be infected (by Youtube)?

    I downloaded Youtube videos, but found out just now it is illegal. I thought that if Mozilla page has add-on for that, it must be legal! Could Youtube videos be infected? Could Youtube infect them to punish illegal downloading? I removed the add-on - should I delete those videos too to be safe...
  4. D

    Virus compromising network?

    I recently got a message from my internet provider telling me that there had been 62 accounts of copyright infringement from my network in the last 90 days. While I have certainly downloaded items in the past, it was nowhere near that much. Also, it was for many things I have never heard...