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    What if you weren't signed in on Imgur and you posted a photo? Can you still delete it?

    I was making a fake news to share with a friend. I realized it didn't send to the friend. Instead on Imgur. I wasn't signed in, and people already seen it. I want to delete it badly. Any USEFUL Suggestions? Thanks. :ouch: :( :pfff:
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    Having trouble browsing imgur on chrome

    H i I started having issues with browsing imgur about a week ago on chrome, after about 20+ images it begins to stop loading the webpage correctly, both the images and comments don't load. After a refresh the page works but the problem will repeat again after a while again. I tried going on...
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    How to Make an Imgur Album

    Imgur is a site where users can upload and share images, edit them, comment on photos posted by others, and create memes. Images can be uploaded either anonymously or with an account, which can be created within a matter of minutes. Users can also vote on pictures, giving an upvote or downvote...
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    How to Upload an Image to Imgur

    Imgur is a site where users can upload pictures and share them with others. Users can be post these images to blogs, share them with friends, edit them, view images posted by others and comment on them, and even create their own memes. If you are new to the site, just follow these few simple...