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  1. T

    Question Samsung DVD-V6800 VCR/DVD Bad Quality

    I have a Samsung DVD-V6800 VCR/DVD combo and a Sony SLV-SX70 VCR. The samsung doesn't play tapes very well and i don't know why. But when i record onto a tape with the Samsung, the Samsung plays it back very well! But if i record something onto a tape with the Sony (or any other VCR), the...
  2. M

    Extremely Strange Complex Virus.

    Hey guys, Now before I get into this I would like to start by saying that I was very confused as to which forum to post this in, so forgive me if this is the wrong one & I am also very limited in my knowledge of this so In a desperate call for help and to make people aware of this I decided to...
  3. vlad9727

    Is this budget laptop good?

    Hello. My brother wants to buy himself a laptop. I've looked for one on few popular websites from my country, and the best on performance and price was this one : What do u think? He...
  4. I

    website help urgent

    Guys I know this is the Pc forum but idk where else to go. I just got a small job and the client gave me control of the website. All they gave me is the HOSTNAME, PASSWORD and USERNAME. All just numbers and letter. Can someone tell me how I enter the editing aspect of the site with this...