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  1. M

    proper setting for Logitech 2.1 speakers in Win 10?

    I have a 2.1 system from Logitech and am wondering about configuring my Realtek soundcard settings in Win10. There is the stereo option, which I guess makes sense, but it doesn't mention 2.1. Also, there is the 5.1 option. I can select that, and uncheck all the other speakers besides...
  2. J

    Upgrade Win 7 to Win 10 - Having Sound Problems!

    Here is what I have: I have a mint laptop, HP Compaq Presario C501NR. When I upgrade from Win 7 to Win 10, the sound isn't there. In Win 10, if I go to the sound page to test the sound, it works when I test it. But as far as using the laptop, there is NO sound. No log off sound, no log on...
  3. T

    Only stereo sound available in Win 10

    I upgraded my TV-connected PC to Win 10 from Win 7 late last year. UG went fine and I even had 7.1 sound and the Dolby Access demo even worked very well. I tried it (Dolby) a few months ago and now see that only stereo sound is available (all the other options are grayed out). Under sound...
  4. V

    unable to use bluetooth on my laptop

    I am using acer aspire 5755 laptop which had bluetooth working earlier in win. 7 but after my upgrade to win 8.1 i am not able to use my buetooth feature. i tried to install a driver from acer's official website but during installation i am prompted with a text like "no bluetooth device...
  5. Y

    Avast Free fails to install on win 10 Home 64 bit

    avast free fails to install in win 10 Home 64 bit, gets stuck at launch of executable C:\Program Files\AVAST\setup\CRT\InstallCrt.exe/avast/v140/debug/release....
  6. L

    how to reinstall speaker driver in Win 10

    I keep losing my audio out driver. How do I reinstall?
  7. R

    Increasing dedicated VRAM in win 10

    Hello, can i increase my vram in my win 10 64-bit? Spec: GPU: Intel Pentium G2010 Ram: 4 GB Sysmodel: MS-7733 BIOS: v17.4 I have do all the things to increase my vram. I wanna play a game, but in systemrequirementlab say i cant, because my dedicated vram is 256 mb and it need 512 mb. Any answer...
  8. B

    How to install AVG Antivirus in windows 7

    How to install AVG Antivirus in windows 7:- I am not able to install AVG Antivirus in win 7. please suggest me that how to install avg antivirus.
  9. J

    Security Certificate suddenly appeaars on screen.

    a sudden message on my screen in win 7 tells me i have a problem with my Security Certificate. Cannot get online and have no idea how to get my win 7 going again.
  10. I

    Adobe Acrobat Pro 7 in Win 8.1

    If you can't open Acrobat (not reader) Pro 7 in Win 8.1 simply go to Settings, Change PC Settings and Log OUT of your Microsoft account.
  11. C

    screen capture application in win 7

    I want to get a screen capture application that can auto make screen capture when the screen have changed ,for example the mouse cursor move over or the object in screen changed . I know there is one (in win 7 ) before but I forget the name ....... Please advise
  12. S

    anyone managed to get a free antivirus to work with comodo firewall in win 10

    anyone managed to get a free antivirus to work with comodo firewall in win 10 avira (free) + comodo = says your computer is not safe if you switch off windows firewall panda antivirus (free) + comodo firewall = make my computer run unstable and slow with lots of freezing avast antivirus (free)...
  13. My Life Is Tech

    How to Run Most if not All XP Programs in 2k

    How would one go about running most if not all Windows XP applications in Windows 2000? I mean, XP was based on 2000 in the after all, so you'd assume that their kernels are at least a bit similar. Also, am I the only one who thinks it's interesting that support for Windows 2000 ended in 2010...
  14. S

    create new partition in win 8.1

    I recently bought one lenovo z50 70 with 1 TB HDD 8 GB SSD. OS win 8.1 it has some hidden predefined partitions for reinstall and rescue and the os is in a 850GB (C:) partition. I want to create a new partition to my data storage but windows manager does not have a "create" option. I installed a...
  15. S

    in win 7 and win 8.1 msconfig.

    in win 7 and win 8.1 cannot enable NAV 360 under services in msconfig. NAV 360 was uninstalled and reinstalled several times. But still cannot enable NAV 360 in services. On both computers it shows unchecked, running, and disabled..I cannot enable in msconfig, services. In component services it...
  16. Horrgakx

    Skype on Win 8 - how to delete contacts?

    All - this is driving me NUTS! I can't delete these 3x contacts from the built in Win 8 application - how do I do it please? I've tried going to the contact (ie. clicking it) and trying "Block" > ticking the "Remove from people" but it doesn't remove the contact. Screenshot 1...