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    How to know the phone number of this serial number removed

    IPhone lost and want to contact the owner
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    Voip hosted pbx penetration testing

    I've deployed snom ip phones across several of my business partners to allow comms internationally. Is there a way to pen test the phones? Maybe we've set the net sec wrong or somethings missing. I need our security to be fully reliable. I'll mention that we have a hosted pbx
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    block MS Tech Scammer 999-910-0122

    How do I block MS Tech Scammer 999-910-0122 & CALLER ID “unknown name” ? These Jerks are calling every day sometimes several times a day! My stupid cable & IP Phone service can't or won't block 'em!
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    Replay and IP phone liene

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.replaytv (More info?) I have a replayTV 5160 which connects via the internet and an older 3030 which connects over the phone line. I am considering a move to SunRocket IP phone service and giving up the land line, its cheaper and seems like the right...
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    ip phone dont work with directv or tivo or alarms systems.

    Archived from groups: alt.video.ptv.tivo (More info?) Vonage and at&t do not promise that their service will work with all these things. I was told my Vonage they are working on it. But I had to go back to landline. I tried everything that I could find on the internet and it would not work.