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    Solved! ipconfig: media dissconnected

    hey i am have a problem with standalone pc network cable is plugged allready changed cables (all cabels work in another computer) when i type in cmd ipconfig i got only line that says media dissconnected also windows show me notification that cable is unplugged when the cable is plugged and...
  2. A

    Solved! Is there a space between the ipconfig and the /

    I am trying to reset my IP address because my laptop is no longer connecting to my Wi-Fi since I got a new router and my laptop is showing a connection to the internet until I tried to get on the internet then it disconnects
  3. J

    Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict IP Config Issue?

    Hello To All- I apologize if the answer has been posted somewhere else, as I haven't been able to find it. I, seemingly out of no where, received a popup message that said "Windows Has Detected An IP Address Conflict", and my internet connection(via wifi hotspot-no router) wont stay...
  4. S

    ipconfig: media disconnected? [SOLVED]

    So im writing this using wifi. So my laptop dont have a ethernet port. i bought a hub to use it. in the past can get the IPv4 address with ipconfig. But now, when i do it it says "media disconnected" under ethernet. I also wanted to note that i have a desktop that i use and its connected via...
  5. A

    ipconfig done, cmd comes

    I have problem in my pc... not long ago.. my command prompt open suddenly and close immediately. It said Ipconfig.exe . then i found how to get rid of it. i deleted the ipconfig.exe and it all solved. BUT in the next DAY, a Complete Blank Cmd.exe suddenly popping. sometimes they popping like...
  6. G

    Both Wi-Fi and Ethernet do not work after uninstalling Webroot.

    My friend recently uninstalled webroot on her Asus laptop and immdiatley after, all internet has stopped working. We've tried resetting the firewall, resetting the network settings, resetting the TCP/IP stack, setting a static IP, reinstalling the wireless adapter drivers, troubleshooting the...
  7. huilun02

    Need help with AutoHotkey

    I'm new to AutoHotkey... Need to script CCleaner to sweep privacy and history every time Chrome is closed. Incognito mode and extensions not good enough... I've been using this so far: ^g:: RunWait, C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe Run, C:\Program...
  8. C

    How do i renew my ip address

    Hello, I have a sylvania netbook synet7wid that I just bought off a friend. How do I renew my op address? Ipconfig/renew does not work.
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    Archived from groups: microsoft.public.pocketpc (More info?) Does anyone know how to change the ip configuration for the USB connection or set it to DHCP?