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  1. G

    Solved! Boya mice stopped working on Iphone6

    I have a Boya microphone which was working fine with my IPhone 6, But now it has stopped working. Any help with trouble shooting, or must I assume the Mice has gone bust?
  2. Ozzyrules

    Question Iphone 6s jail break

    Ok so I would like to jailbreak my iphone 6s but I'm not quite sure if I am on the right os or not I think its 12.0.1 not 100 on that tho
  3. Walterobrien601

    Safari Can't update on I phone 6s

    Hello, I was using Whatsapp web on my iPhone 6s but unfortunately, the safari browser is not updating I tried so many things but still nothing. Can anyone suggest to me. Please that will be your kindness
  4. emlit

    Solved! How Best to Move Away from 5s

    Considering a) my wife's 5s took an inadvertent bath, b) we're out of our current contracts, and c) Verizon is running a decent Mother's Day promo, I need advice for upgrading our old 16GB 5ses. I don't want to spend a ton of money, so what's your take on the following options: 1) Take...
  5. P

    Need Bluetooth to USB adapter for audio use/would like to connect iPhone to Fiio E10k

    Hey guys. So I'm going to be getting the Fiio E10k DAC/amp soon, and am going to have it connected to my laptop for use with my headphones, but am also going to use the back line out feature to bypass the amplifier and in that way connect my laptop to my stereo speaker system via the E10k. At...
  6. V

    webcam not working (toshiba)

    recently i upgraded to windows 10 and everything was fine, then a few days later the web camera stopped working i have tried updating the driver, uninstalling and installing it, restarting the computer, basically all the methods but nothing works. When i go in to device manager and go under...