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    Pairing Samsung Smart Remote with IPTV STB GX-TR500EL

    Hy, Please help me pairing my Samsung Smart remote with my Samsung STB (IP tv receiver) model GX-TR500EL. I have a 55MU6102 that does not have the GX-TR500EL in list. I have the 1205 firmware updated. The old STB Model was working just fine with my smart remote and I could acces the STB menu...
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    Repurposing DirectTv satellite hardware

    We quit Comcast Tv and now DirectTv. When cancelling DirectTv(satellite) they required us to return the individual room set top boxes, that's all. Said we could keep the tuner, dvr, and remotes. Fat lot of good the remotes are since they control the set top boxes! But I digress, anyone know of...