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    Asus notebook freez while gaming

    Hi! I have a laptop Asus R510V i7 8 g ram and gpu nividia geforce 950 4g. My problem is when i play games freez the laptop and i have to do a hard reset. I tried with old and new driver for gpu but nothing work. My temp in full load are betwen 65-70° celsius.And cpu 55-60.Games played: Crisys1,2...
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    My Facebook account was Compromised.

    When I log into facebook I see a message saying '''We’ve Detected Suspicious Account Activity'' so when I click Continue it gets me to a page saying "Something went wrong" ..I try to ''SECURE MY ACCOUNT'' and I fill all the steps (changed my password like 12816 times) ,then I delete the recent...
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    Asus cursor error

    I'm using a ASUS laptop with windows 7. The cursor won't work without the mouse (USB) attached to the laptop. My laptop would only detect the mouse pad on the main log in screen. that is, when I log into my account my mouse would perfectly work . It is only when I am logged into my windows...