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    Laptop CPU upgrade from Sandy to Ivy

    Hello there! My laptop is Acer 4749z. Its original CPU is Pentium B960 and i have upgraded it to Core i7 2620M. It runs very well, there is no problem. But one day i recognized that i could upgrade my desktop from a Sandy Bridge CPU to an Ivy one. So can i upgrade my laptop like that? Thanks...
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    Best budget laptop for intense multitasking

    Im looking for the best laptop i can get for my needs under £460 British pounds and it has to be available in the UK for that price. I really liked the look of the Lenovo U series and the Dell 7000 series both of which i could afford in the US but not in the UK so you see the prices don't always...
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    can i swop from a sandy bridge to an ivy bridge

    i currently have a i5 2320 and i want to get a i5 3570k but the i5 uses a sandy bridge and the i5 3570k uses a ivy bridge does
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    Intel i7-2670QM to a Intel i7-3840QM? Is it possible? Need Help!

    Can i upgrade my intel i7-2670QM laptop processor to a Intel i7-3840QM processor? Im was thinking of building a gaming desktop but decided to upgrade my computer processor. But i dont know if it will work or what i have to do.
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    Laptop: Nehalem i5 or Sb/Ib i3?

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/HP-EliteBook-8440p-LAPTOP-250GB-INTEL-CORE-i5-2-4GHz-3GB-Windows-7-Pro-NOTEBOOK-/310675205312?pt=Laptops_Nov05&hash=item4855af6cc0 This is a laptop listing that I was considering because I had only found laptops with i3's that were above 300$, so this i5 laptop piqued my...