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  1. J

    Question Do anyone know the Solution for this headset?

    Im using "JBL Tune 110BT Bluetooth Wireless in Ear Earphones with Mic headset" for almost 1 year I dont know how this damage happens. Do i need to paint it or something else? Why its happened, how to recover it from further damage. i poured fevicol to hide that hole, but after a week the hole is...
  2. demakris

    Solved! JBL Control SB-2 setup

    Hello! I have an ONKYO TX-NR686 AV Receiver I want to know if it is possible to connect two JBL Control 5 speakers to a JBL Control SB-2 Sub. The speakers are 4ohm. The sub is 8ohm (it says that Nominal Impedance is 8 ohms per input; 4 ohms total with both inputs paralleled). JBL Control SB-2...
  3. pawlyk

    Solved! Bluetooth pairing problem on JBL TUNE 600BTNC wireless on-ear headphones

    This morning I noticed that the headphones are not connecting to my iphone. I unpaired them on the phone, but they still didn't show up. I did a troubleshotting steps by of pressing the "-" and "+" buttons, and also tried holding the power button for a few seconds. There is a power on and off...
  4. M

    Solved! JBL Charge 3 (2x) Stereo on PC

    I recently got a second Charge 3, and the stereo works fine when on mobile. But I wanted to connect them to my PC and have them play stereo, but I cant seem to get that to work. Any advice? Or is it just not possible? Thanks in advance.
  5. S

    Solved! JBL gt-basspro12 no sound

    Hi. Im having issues with my 3 year old jbl gt-basspro 12 sub with amp thats mounted in the back of my car. The sub turns on, and even makes a subtle "thud" when its turning on, but im hearing/feeling no audio coming from it. On the back of the sub it says its on, and shows no issues when i...
  6. T

    Solved! Help with connecting ps4 on JBL es20

    Hello everyone! I need your help because I’m totally lost. I bought these speakers (JBL ES20) in 2016 didn’t achieve to connect back then and thought I’ll try now again with my Samsung ue65ks8080 and most important my PlayStation 4 but still can’t find find a way to make it work. Here are some...
  7. Allen69

    Solved! JBL Xtreme spaker stopped working after AUX connection

    Hi everyone! So this is the situation, i was playing music from my laptop to the JBL speaker for whole day with no problems. 20 mins ago, i had my music playing on the laptop and just went to connect it to the speaker, i heard crackling noises that you can always hear in the beggining of aux...
  8. Z

    Solved! Which bluetooth speaker should I get

    I'm currently deciding to buy a new bluetooth speaker but I need help deciding which one is the best. (prices are in sgd) UE Boom 2 ($139) JBL Charge 3 ($149) Sony XB21 ($149) UE Megabooom 1 ($169) Just ton note the 2 things that matter most to me is the volume and the bass.
  9. D

    Solved! how to connet my JBL GO wireless Bluerooth speker to pc windows 7 untimate

    i am not connet to jbl go bluethooth speker in pc windows 7 untimate plz fast reply
  10. B

    Solved! How to fix JBL T450BT bluetooth headphone that keeps turning off and on randomly??

    So like, all this time the headphone worked perfectly fine. Then suddenly, the problem starts and it'll just keeps turning off and on by itself randomly after 15 to 20 seconds. The power button works, but it'll still go off and on randomly. Please help!
  11. V

    Solved! Bad sound signal to JBL LSR305p's

    I have set up my two JBL lsr305p's to my computer, but the audio signal is very bad with a lot of crackling. I don't think there's anything wrong with my speakers, since i just bought them new, and my headphones seem to work fine with my motherboard, so I thibk it's something about my cables...
  12. L

    Connect JBL to Samsung UN55KU6290FXZA

    Hi all. I have a JBL flip 4 and connected it to my Samsung TV UN55KU6290FXZA. I have used a TaoTronics Bluetooth 5.0 Transmitter from optical to bluetooth...
  13. B

    Using 45 year old speakers for a sound system

    I have circa 1974 JBL Century 100 speakers in almost new shape, (the grills evaporated decades ago). I would like to integrate with TV and was wondering if they are worth it? ( do today soundbars work as well? I have a Yamaha sound bar and not satisfied, no bass). Is there a bluetooth amp...
  14. E

    Solved! Can I connect a mini DLP projector to a wireless speaker , like a JBL link 10?

    I am trying to wirelessly connect a mini DLP projector to a JBL link 10 speaker. Is it possible? Or what can I do to make this possible?
  15. A

    JBL Flip 4 Sync Problem

    In our office we have 2 separate computers that connect to 2 JBL Flip 4s each. We use the sync button on the JBL speakers to sync the 2. The 2 computers/speakers are separated by about 40 feet. Initially, the 2 speakers connect to their own computer as desired. However, after some time, all 4...
  16. M

    Solved! JBL Control 5 Speakers.

    I have a Yamaha RX-V592 rated at 8 ohms. I can only get sound out of the tweeter. I'm hard of hearing, but I don't think there is any sound coming out of either one. I have my doubts that a woofer is blown in both speakers. These things are pristine. Is it the mismatch of the 4-ohm speaker and...
  17. P

    JBL ESC300 Subwoofer to Vizio S4251w-b4 Soundbar

    Happy New Year All, I'm going to preface this with, I like to pick up used electronics from thrift stores and re-purpose them for myself or gift them. I recently picked a Vizion S4251W-B4 soundbar, the subwoofer and satellite speakers were not included. I added that to my TV for awhile, and...
  18. S

    Speaker jbl bluethoot

    Bonjour J’ai acheté un speaker jbl bluethoot au Canada et je suis au Maroc maintenant. Y a t il un problème si je veux recharger mon appareil car le voltage de courant est différent qu’au Canada. Merci d’avance pour votre reponse
  19. L

    5.1 subwoofer is connected but no sound

    I can’t get any sound out of my 5.1 subwoofer JBL. It’s connected to the bar but no sound from subwoofer. Please help
  20. S

    Solved! How to connect Microphone to sing karaoke using JBL speaker + Spotify + Musixmatch

    Hello everybody this is my first post I want to do some karaoke using my Iphone 6s. I am close to success... but still missing something. I have a JBL GO portable Bluetooth speaker. I have Iphone 6s with Spotify app + Musixmatch app integrated to spotify. So I have music and lyrics, already...
  21. S

    How do you connect jbl charge 3 to tv

    How do you connect jbl charge 3 to the tv. I have aux.cable connected no sound coming out
  22. P

    Solved! an inner dilemma about in-ear, and on-ear headphones!

    hey! So i have a slightly stupid dilemma about headphones, I originally thought to buy two headphones: the jbl t110 earphones for everyday commuting, and the urbanista seattle heaphones for longer commutes and trips. the reason was the size, but now i question do i need the in ears since maybe...
  23. J

    How to connect a powered JBL PSW-1000 subwoofer to a onkyo TX-NR585 receiver.

    The Onkyo receiver has a RCA jack dedicated subwoofer connecter but the woofer has direct wires. What is best way to connect?
  24. C

    Solved! Want to replace my dell XPS L1702 17"

    I have a 6 or 7-year-old Dell XPS L1702 17" Has the JBL sub in it. It is getting pretty old now. Here is what's in it. (see below for configuration) would like to have the same size screen. I am approaching 60 & my vision isn't what it used to be. I would like to have an i7 8th gen CPU. A 1070...
  25. D

    Connection of 3 jbl systems

    I have 2 charge3 and one flip3 cant find upgrade To connect plus for the flip3 help!!!!!!
  26. L

    SoundBars - Yamaha, Polk, Samsung, JBL? So many choices under $500

    I've been looking at soundbars over the past week or so and am trying to decipher which would be my best option at or under $500. Every time I start digging into the reviews I just get more confused on which to select. I'm looking to replace a Sony HT-CT260H soundbar with something newer and...
  27. O

    Solved! Can't pair my JBL speakers with my Lenovo Thinkpad X230

    I have a Lenovo Thinkpad X230 and i'm trying to conenct my JBL speaker to it. It shows it's pair already but on the sound section only shows the default laptop speakers, not the bluetooth JBL speakers.
  28. R

    Which smart display would you chose for your bedroom?

    Stuck in a dilemma, should i go with the Google home hub, JBL or the Lenovo smart display?
  29. U

    Solved! Mono Amp wiring with 2 JBL subs

    Hello Guys, Couple of days back I`ve purchased Sony mono amp named as XM-GS100 for my 2 JBL woofers GT5-S12s. Each woofer have 300 Watts RMS rated at 4 ohms. Now im confused how to wire up the 2 woofers with this sony amp. Whether I can go for bridge (+ - ) or parallel (+ - - +) Below...
  30. L

    Jbl e55bt not working on left side

    I take my Jbl e55bt headphones to school everyday and for some reason, the left side stopped working... It still works when i put the headphone onto a certain position on my head but its very thinicky and its peeing me off
  31. N

    Solved! JBL Flip 4 paired with laptop won't play audio

    My JBL Flip 4 and laptop are paired, but the audio will not play through the JBL, only thru laptop. What am I missing. It works perfectly through phones.
  32. R

    Jbl playlist to tv audio

    I connected my JBL playlist portable speaker to Samsung tv 32h4100 using audio jack male with audio out port on tv. I selected external speaker instead of tv speaker. But the sound is inaudible or very low on speaker. When I connect the same jack to my mobile to jbl speaker it works well. Is...
  33. D

    JBL connect with flip3 and flip4

    Can JBL Flip3 and Flip4 connect??
  34. T

    Solved! How to recycle a JBL Amp/Monitor?

    Hey, so I have a broken JLB M Pro. I was going to throw it away but was wondering if I could repurpose it or maybe just buy some sort of new control unit or something to make it work again. I'm not sure whats wrong with it, since I got it from a church who was throwing it away. It seems like...
  35. G

    JBL flip 4 speakers crackle or cut out when 'connected.' also, volume reverts to the original between tracks?

    I have 4 JBL flip 4 speakers connected in different rooms. Often they crackle or cut out. The master is generally fine, although it can cut out and crackle from time to time, but there seems to be no consistency in the connection between speakers. Also, if the volume of an individual speaker is...
  36. M

    peoples opions on

    hi can anybody please tell me i have 2 svs ultra towers 2 jbl 580 4 svs prime elevation speakers for atmos using a denon 4400 amp and a emotiva xpa2 my question is which combo for fronts would work the best for this setup the emotiva t2 and c2 centre speaker or jbl 590 with a jbl lc2...
  37. MrMario

    JBL Arena 130s?

    Thinking about buying the JBL Arena 130s. They're on sale for $140. What do you think? Insta-buy at that price? How good are they? What's a good and/or relatively inexpensive amp to pair with them? Any sub suggestions? Thanks for your thoughts.
  38. B

    Solved! Right rear speaker no sound

    Installed new JBL 6x9's right rear no sound speaker works if I connect to left side
  39. P

    Recommend me a good bluetooth speaker

    I want you to reccomend me a bluetooth speaker. I want it to cover my whole room and want it to sound full and big with some bass. Is the JBL Charge 3 the best choice? Should I get something else. Thanks.
  40. T

    Loud blaring sound from speaker even without audio

    When I turn on my JBL LSR 2300 studio monitor speaker it makes a loud blaring sound that pushes the cone forward. This happens without the audio cord plugged in, it even happens when I change the cord out or use a different outlet. It came on suddenly when I turned it on today. The other speaker...
  41. T

    jbl xtreme fake pairing

    HI ! I recently bought a jbl xtreme fake , and I need to know whether my xtreme is compatable pairing with a original jbl xtreme .......
  42. S

    JBL LSR305 with Nano Patch + volume knob works weird

    [Moderator Note: Moved from Motherboards to Home Audio Category.] Hey, I recently got my JBLs and the audio controller with it, but i noticed that after connecting the speakers today, that the volume knob acts really weird. So currently, i have the volume at the lowest possible on the knob...
  43. E

    I have a reciever with me poineer vsx 531..i was looking for speaker system from jbl 510 or 610..i am confuse also which is su

    I have a reciever with me poineer vsx 531..i was looking for speaker system from jbl 510 or 610..i am confuse also which is suitable for my reciever.but i would like to buy one one of those speaker only
  44. M

    Connecting JBL 305P MkII’s & Klipsch Subwoofer to PC - How To

    Hi, I’m in the process of replacing my Audioengine A5’s, and I’ve decided on the popular JBL 305P’s. I’m looking for the best way to connect them to my PC with this subwoofer I already have. This particular sub only has RCA inputs, no outputs, so I need to know a simple way I can connect all...
  45. TomZap35

    UEBOOM 2 or JBL Charge 3?

    Hi guys, The title says it all I want to get a a good portable speaker to use and I don't know if I should get a JBL Charge 3 or a UEBOOM 2 any help would be much appreciated. ¬Thomas
  46. U

    Amplifier Compatibility with 2 JBL Woofers

    Hello guys, as mentioned in previous threads, I`ve purchased 2 12" JBLs GT5 S12 woofers 2 Here the specs: Each woofer has these specs: Impedance: 4ohms Peak power: 1200 watts RMS power: 300watts. Voice Coil: Single voice coil Frequency response: 23Hz - 450Hz Enclosure: homemade enclosure one...
  47. S

    Can I connect my samsung Mu7000 to a JBL soundbar using oneforall Bluetooth transmitter.

    How do I connect my MU7000 samsung tv to a jbl 2.1 sound bar using the one for all Bluetooth tv audio transmitter sv1770. My tv has two rca ports yellow and blue and my transmitter has two red and white rca cables. Please help I'm desperate
  48. U

    JBL Woofers Placement In Room

    Hi Guys, How Are You, Actually couple of days back, from one of my friend, I`ve purchased 2 jbl woofers GT5-S12s, ported enclosure, with separate chambers for my home. And finally also got an amp for it. The thing is that due to which im very confused and want your kind appreciative feedback...
  49. D

    Connecting a TCL 65E17US to a JBL sound bar

    Trying to connect my TCL 65E17US to my JBL 3.1 4K sound bar but there’s no hdmi in put in the back of the TV
  50. S

    Solved! JBL boombox buzzing sound

    Hi, I Recently bought JBL boombox and in the low volume I can hear buzzing and it's bit irritative and not enjoying the music in low volumes. I'm really not sure how to resolve it. Can anyone please help me to resolve it?? Thank you
  51. H

    Harman amp for JBL speakers

    Hi I have 2 JBL E90 speakers ,Bose 301 and JBL E250 subwoofer. What would be the best Harman Kardon amp model recommended to get the best out of my speakers Thank you.Hiran
  52. D

    Extremely "wrong" sound from my new JBL LSR305 Speakers

    I just got the JBL LSR305 speakers (connected to PC, Windows 10), and I'm not sure if they're faulty or I'm doing something wrong. Certain sounds like vocals are almost inaudible and very echoey whereas other sounds are extremely loud. Nothing I do seems to make a difference to this, and it's...
  53. B

    Bluetooth speaker. to a 49MU6220

    How to connect a jbl flip speaker to a Samsung tv 49MU6220 via Bluetooth?........thankyou
  54. L

    Bluetooth speaker volume no longer adjustable by changing volume on laptop

    I have a JBL speaker that I connect to my Dell laptop via bluetooth. I have had the speaker for a couple years and have never had any issues, but today (when I'm returning from a few days away from the computer) when I connect the speaker it works fine, but I cannot control the volume of the...
  55. M

    Connect JBL LSR305 to Audioengine s8

    Guys recently my audioengine a5 was damaged and i have purchased JBL lsr305 for its replacement their sound is excellent but bass is low Is their any way to connect lsr305 to audioengine s8
  56. J

    JBL extreme bt speaker is not getting connected in connect + Party mode App with other jbl connect

    JBL extreme is not getting connected in connect + Party mode App other JBL speakers like charge 3 and flip 4. I have upgraded the speaker but it doesn't work. It doesn't connect with connect + to any other JBL speakers. Charge 3 and flip 4 all get connected in Party mode but not extreme. I...
  57. P

    Not able connect jbl 150 cinema to pc

    I bought jbl cinema 150 , but I am not able to connect to PC via Bluetooth or anything Please advise Thanks
  58. G

    JBL Link 500 Review: A Google Home Alternative with Big Sound

    The JBL Link 500 is a good large speaker with Google Assistant inside, but you'll be better served with two Sonos Ones or the Google Home Max. JBL Link 500 Review: A Google Home Alternative with Big Sound : Read more
  59. A

    Can i Connect my jbl boombox and xtreme

    Can i connect my jbl boombox and extreme