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  1. L

    Question is it still possible to send mails from old phones

    I found my old motorola krzr k1 and i was wondering if i can still sent mail from this divice, but i cant figure it out. btw yes i have internet settings and can connect to browser.
  2. L

    Need help please!!!

    I was about to buy an iPad mini when I came across this video. Is it a scam? Should I buy it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LZ1QKFRz6I
  3. FreelancerGamer

    Who have a problem with Nvidia Shield Tablet K1 internal sound recording?

    There is a problem with internal gameplay sound recording. When there is a sound in the game the tablet record some strange annoying ticking sound. I use the built in "SHARE" (Shadowplay) to record gameplay. Demo of the ticking noise: Here i recorded a music from YouTube with Nvidia SHIELD...
  4. L

    Did I just think of something awesome? Tegra k1 possibilities...

    So I have been searching around for a device that can Skype while I am away at work seven days at a time but still be able to play steam games. Anything worth a damn seems to start near $800+ dollars for a 1080p display with decent graphics card. But, I started searching. I think I may have...