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  1. R

    Question How to get bios to boot to Windows.

    I have a desktop but there are no desktop selections in the drop down. A few weeks ago I had a problem booting so in bios I was poking around I can't remember the option but I screwed up and instead of exiting I enabled something and real quick it said something about Ubuntu. I don't have Ubuntu...
  2. D

    Kali LiveCD boots, but SSD and bootable windows USB won't

    I have a Lnovo b590 laptop, and i updated the bios last night, to one of the latest versions, because my gt 720m video card was getting code 43 error under windows 7, thought that would fix the problem. Since i updated the bios, i couldn't boot my SSD, even though it shows up. I tried setting...
  3. benbrockn

    [Help] Kali Linux 2.0 Vulnerability Scanning

    So I'm pretty new to the vulnerability scanning thing. I'm running Kali Linux 2.0 on my LAN, and currently I'm running Zenmap to find open ports/services/etc... I'm running it from behind my router outside, and back into my router (so it acts like the scan is coming from the Internet, not...