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  1. justjoethings

    Question Magegee MK Star Keyboard Issues

    So I got a new keyboard and its not working properly. The LED light up fine and all but the f12 row down is constantly lit up and wont change and work! My enter, right shift, backspace, f12 which on this keyboard is a calculator button but even when I press that it doesn't pull up a calculator...
  2. pbxcx

    Question What to do? My keyboard keeps on typing QAZ and ZZZZ continuously by itself when i click caps lock key.

    I really dont know what the problem is. I just bought a new gaming keyboard today and suddenly when i clicked CAPS LOCK key QAZ and continuous Z comes out without me typing it. Any idea what the problem is? Thanks.
  3. Vex5

    powering on automatically when plugged in (+other)

    I have a problem with my Asus ROG GL552VW. Lately it started powering on by itself when I plug it in. It doesn’t happen when it stays plugged in, only when unplugged and then plugged in again. When it starts up the keyboard backlight is turned off even tho I always have it on and it didn’t...