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  1. P

    Question Laptop keyboard is stuck on some unknown key

    I have a Lenovo ideapad with windows 10! My keyboard is not working properly! My keys are not typing letters repeatedly on long press! Even backspace is deleting one letter at a time! I tried to run keyboard tester online! I found out that on all testing sites, some input is getting sent from...
  2. xFozox

    Question Some keys dont register when pressing shift

    Its almost impossible to play games because of this. (Laptop's own keyboard) External keyboard works fine.
  3. Yarizu

    Question Holding Ctrl key locks every other key on the keyboard

    I bought a new keyboard, tried to play fortnite, but while holding the conrol key to crouch I couldn't do anything. I also got a problem where I couldn't pick up anything while holding shift (F is my pick up keybind). If you've got a solution I would be thankful.
  4. A

    Is there a way to switch the primary and secondary functions of certain keys on my laptop keyboard?

    I have an MSI laptop (GS63 VR Stealth pro). Like with many laptops, there are some keys on the keyboard that share a button, and you can use the secondary key by holding the FN button. PAGE UP and HOME share the same key on this keyboard. The same is true for PAGE DOWN and END. I use HOME and...