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  1. R

    Nexus 5 Sound notification pop-up

    So I just got my nexus 5 and this is happening all the time while playing a game, browsing the web etc. Everytime this opens it makes a blip sound. When it happens in an app it closes the app and goes to my home screen. Anyone knows how to fix this? Kind regards, lnVader
  2. coolcmc

    Is Xolo Q2000L worth to buy?

    I have a budget of about INR 10K and want to buy a smartphone, my requirements are only multi-tasking, fast and connectivity; I don't care much for gaming and camera. I found Moto G little expensive and dosn't have expandable memory slot, so is Xolo Q2000L best to buy? Or any other good phone is...
  3. P

    Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini KitKat! Help!.

    Hey! I've heard that you now can get KitKat on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (Black edition), while some say only GT-I9195 (Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini LTE). I am certainly confused as of if this goes to only the Black Edition of the phone or if the update file also works with the standard GT-I9195 LTE...
  4. Gumbletron

    How do I Manually update my G'zone Android Phone?

    I have a G'zone android and it is currently running android 2.3.3 and I want to update it to KitKat or Jellybean but I can't figure out how. I need to update it through the computer because I can't update it directly from the phone. I will, and know how to, root it if necessary.
  5. rasheeq

    Bottom Navigation Bar suddenly Lost Transparency in 4.4.2 in Moto G

    I use a dual-sim version of Moto G. My phone has been updated to 4.4.2 for over a month now, but suddenly a couple of days ago the bottom navigation bar lost the transparency (screenshot is posted) that's a prominent feature of the kitkat update. This is really bothering me, and i have not made...
  6. hottsauce

    Moto G Kitkat

    I just received the Kitkat update 4.4.2 on my Moto G. It's fine and all, but is there any way I can make my phone look like the Nexus 5? My phone looks like a mix of Jellybean with KitKat, but I want it to look fully like the Nexus 5. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance