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    looking for KVM switch to use with my mac mini 2012 and asus laptop

    ok so i've looking for a good KVM switch to use with my mac mini 2012 and asus laptop. my monitor Samsung SyncMaster T220P - work's well yet :) (dvi port) asus laptop with hdmi mac mini 2012 with hdmi the most kvm switches is with vga only and no dvi port. so maybe you can help me find a good...
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    KVM Switch/Docking Station for Macbook Pro w/ PC (Windows)

    Does anybody have a recommendation on a KVM or Docking station that will allow me to share a keyboard and dual monitors between a gaming PC and a Macbook Pro? I have been trying to read up online, but it hasn't given me very clear direction. As general information, I use the MBP for web...
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    VNC vs KVM ???

    Not sure if I’m in the right subcategory...but anyway.... also…I would consider myself a Nube in the realm of VNC & KVM…. I know just enough to be dangerous……ok…I just read a post from '04 with the exact same thread title.....it really didn’t answer my question. I’ve also read all the other...
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    Need KVM Tablet

    I have heard there is a tablet device which will display the video output from servers via being plugged in to the servers USB port or maybe VGA/DVI port. The software on the tablet is then supposed to allow the user to interact with the server via the touch screen keyboard etc. The idea is that...
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    Soundbar to satellite and Apple TV

    Whats a 2-port KVM Switch?
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    Laptop VGA Port Not Working with KVM switch

    I have just purchased an IOgear KVM swith to operate two computer with 1 mouse, 1 keyboard, and 1 monitor. However, when I use their hotkey to swtich my laptop to my main monitor, my monitor shuts down due to no signal from the PC. When I reboot the laptop my monitor starts to turn on and then...
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    Remote Desktop VS KVM Switches

    My question is more of a question of "Is it worth buying?" I would like to have multiple (min 2 possibly 4 or more) computers all built to do specific tasks (Gaming, Graphics/Animation/Video Editing, Audio/Sound Engineering, Software/hardware Testing, Computer/Network repair/management, and...
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    Kvm remote access

    I have a setup at work with 4 computers connected to a kvm switch. If i access my desktop remotely using citrix or symatec pc anywhere, will it be possible to switch through the compiters connected to the kvm without having to connect to each seperate computer through citrix.