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  1. mrmike16

    Question How is it possible to type a right-to-left language with English letters in the same line?

    So I am trying to type a document in a right-to-left language, and if I use English letters in the middle of the line, it brings the English letters to the right side of the line and messes up the order of the whole sentence. Also punctuation marks like a period. Currently I am trying this on...
  2. tomsguideUS

    How to Access Spotify's "Learn a Language" App

    Spotify's digital music streaming is extremely popular all over the world. But did you know that you can use it for more than music? There is a feature in Spotify that helps you learn a new language (at least, any of the 24 from the list). Want to access it? We'll show you how: Steps: 1. Open...
  3. tomsguideUS

    Adding Additional Languages to an Android Tablet

    Want your Android device to be as multi-lingual as you are? Use the following steps to add additional input languages to your Android tablet—all without downloading any unwanted software or jumping through any rooting hoops. Step 1 All of the changes you will need to make regarding language...