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  1. Nicola0927

    Laptop not turning on?

    Okay I admit that I spilled a little bit of a drink on my laptop, however I cleaned it immediately and the laptop was working fine, the keyboard did turn off though after an hour. So, I used an external keyboard but two days later and now the power button isn’t turning on but the laptop is...
  2. B

    Question Really bad Laptop performance

    I'm gonna have to go in a bit of detail here so please hang on: I have a 2 years old Acer E5-572G 525V. The laptop was quite a bang for the buck in my limited budget and actually performed better than I expected it to. Everything was good... Then around 4 months back I decided to add another 8...
  3. R

    Solved! Laptop suddenly hotter than normal after I dropped it (help pls!)

    I have a laptop and a few days ago, I dropped it from a height of about 2-3 feet. The laptop was on at that time and I opened it up. It was still working and I experienced a blue screen shortly after. It said it was checking for problems and after 5 minutes or so, it was still at 0% so I shut it...
  4. Rtd6921

    Question Help hard drive swap.

    My HP laptop recently went down so I had an old Acer Aspire laptop and now for some reason none of the drivers are there at all and I need to figure out how to take a partition off of this hard drive connect to the internet I even try to connect to an ethernet cord and no response so how do I...
  5. M

    My keyboard has a letter stuck down, is there a way to remove keyboard

    A letter on my keyboard is stuck down and I cannot get it to stop I am looking to disable my keyboard all together
  6. R

    computer turns of after 5 seconds

    acer aspire E1-422 had updates installed, now when I turn it on it say's updates installing and turns off. It wont stay on long enough to fine solutions on line, it turns off within 5 seconds I cant even open my user account