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  1. Dracorpius

    Solved! Soldered Laptop CPU Upgrade

    I got i5-8300h soldered on my laptop with 2 fans with max rpm of 6220(estimated). Im just wondering on upgrading it into i9-9880h. (they differs from generation but have the same socket type which is fcbga1440). Could it be possible? If so, must I upgrade the fans? Change its motors to better...
  2. G

    My Laptop is overheating and I'm unsure what to do.

    I have a quad-core edition hp dv7 laptop. It used to run decently until about a year ago. It has slowly gotten hotter and hotter which makes me think that either the cooling is clogged with debris or the thermal paste is worn out... The only problem is that I'm unsure about my ability to...
  3. Lalaberri

    15.6 vs 17.3 inch Notebook in terms of cooling

    After years of lurking and finding most answers for everything under the sun, we weren't able to find sufficient information about this topic, so here we are asking our first question/post/thread. Anyway, we are going to be purchasing a new notebook for gaming and pretty much have a simple...