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    Question Asus N46VM CPU upgrade

    Can I exchange my Asus N46VM i7-3610QM CPU for an i7-3820QM? The HM76 Express Chipset, which I believe is the current chipset, itself according to Intel ARK, supports the i7-3820QM but I don't know exactly what to do guys...
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    i5 3230M + 8 gb RAM or i7 3630QM + 4gb RAM

    Hi, I am having a customised laptop built and I have achoice (due to my budget) of either an i5 3230M + 8 gb RAM or i7 3630QM + 4gb RAM. I will use the laptop for the internet, HD sports streaming, database design, some gaming (WOW mainly), music streaming. I also like to have multiple...