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  1. lk4k

    Question Help with slow Toshiba L55-C5272

    My laptop has been extremely slow and I was wondering what I can do to speed it up. I am wondering if I can upgrade the ram or the cpu to allow for faster load times? Thanks
  2. james8787878787

    Solved! screen swap

    can i take a screen out of hp g56 nd fit it to Packard bell easy note
  3. Y

    Question My Dell laptop is stuck in a boot loop.

    Hi, So recently i did a factory reset on my dell laptop, (I do not use a battery for this laptop, to run it has to be connected to the charger at all times.) Yesterday it was working fine, However everytime i opened it it showed me (Choose a boot system: Windows 10 (volume 2) , Windows 10...
  4. Beginnerslug

    Solved! Lenovo ideapad s145

    I tried battery remove ideas 30 seconds 15 second windows and driver updates etc-vtc but laptop not charging adapter and battery working properly what I do now
  5. magicalfry

    Question My Lenovo gaming laptop won't run games well when it's not plugged in.

    I recently got this laptop and for some reason it can't run games well when it is not plugged in. This happens even when it is fully charged.
  6. U

    Solved! Can my laptop play watchdogs smoothly and without lagging?

    It has the following specs- Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10210U 8gb DDR4 RAM Win 10 500gb SSD NVIDIA GeForce MX250
  7. zulfanmr

    Question My laptop stops charging automatically, restarts charging, then stops again and so on.

    Hey. I want to ask you a question. So i got a problem on charging. When i plug my charger, there's a beep sound and the charging indicator in my laptop is appearing. But after a few moment, the charging indicator is disappearing, means that my laptop is not charging. But when i unplug my charger...
  8. K

    Sony Vaio Laptop, fan makes a loud noise then shuts off

    I own a Sony Vaio Laptop and just last year, starting June the laptop started making a loud fan noise then shuts down completely. I believe this laptop is 5 years old, and just last year this problem has occurred. I can still use it and turn it on but only for a short period of time since it...
  9. jpishgar

    Read First: Forum Rules & Styling Posts

    Rules of Conduct The Tom's Hardware Rules of Conduct are general guidelines for users within our community. We pride ourselves on being welcoming to users of all levels of expertise, from novice to guru. Follow these simple rules and you'll have a great experience here on the forum. Please...