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  1. Mohamedd123

    Question Problem in starting power laptop toshiba c850

    I have the laptop when i plug in the power adaptor without push the power button its make the power led blink continously with average 1.5 sec on and less 0.5 sec off and this can be continous for long time and when i push the power button no thing is happen (i think this cases is the laptop...
  2. XClone.Globe

    Question Toshiba screen does not turn on but the engine starts normally

    Want to ask the master ... I have a Laptop Toshiba Satellite L645D - S4050RD, the screen can't live but the engine is running well. I bring it to service, I paid expensive but used 3 times, the screen turns off like the previous problem. I feel cheated by the service technician, because I don't...