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  1. leonhk

    Question Laptop doesn't turn on

    So, I have a problem with my Lenovo Thinkpad L430 (3 years old) It sometimes turns on and sometimes doesn't. When it doesn't turn on, the power button lights up but there is no display on the screen. However, sometimes it turns on if I try and works smoothly like it is supposed to. But, will...
  2. jarrettstewart

    Question Lenovo Yoga Won’t Turn On

    My lenovo yoga (i don’t know specific info. it’s is a very cheap around 300 dollar laptop with no branding or name besides lenovo yoga that i could find) Won’t turn on. The light that said the laptop was on was lit up but the screen was dark so i powered it off using the power button. now i...
  3. R

    My Lenovo is not working good, what should I do?

    I buy 2nd Lenovo laptop from one of my friends but using after some time later the Laptop is giving me so much trouble. The keyboard is not working and the screen also blinking when I started the Laptop. I have to do so many works which I want to do in this laptop.. but these problems giving me...