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    Lenovo y50 70 Battery Replacement

    Hello Helping peoples, My Name is Amir, i am a Graphic designer, and i have a laptop "Lenovo y50 70 , Model Number : 20378" i am working on this laptop since 1 year, and it worked Fab for me, unfortunately Now i am having problem with battery life :( when its charged 100% it gives only 50 - 60...
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    960m vs 680m SLI

    Hello guys! I can't make a clear decision. I'm about to buy a laptop and currently looking at Lenovo Y50-70 with GTX 960M; i7-4720HQ; 8GB RAM; 256GB SSD. But also I found used Alienware M18X R2 laptop with 680M SLI; i7-3840QM; 16GB RAM; 1TB HDD on similar price. I'm casual gamer and would...
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    Im buying Lenovo laptop for gaming which one should I get

    I want to know which one is better for gaming from this Lenovo http://www.jarir.com/sa-en/lenovo-ideapad-y50-70-laptops-441751.html Or http://www.jarir.com/sa-en/lenovo-y50-70-laptops-450341.html They both look alike to me only 100 different I want the one better for gaming experience and...