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    Is Lenovo y510(No Sli) worth it?

    I am thinking about buying this laptop, I have seen it in person and I think I like it, but I did not get the chance to really test it. I want everybody's opinion especially from those who got this laptop. The price I will be paying is around 1000$ or 750Euro. Specs: IdeaPad Y510 Dusk Black...
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    Quad Core i7 Laptop for Music Production and Video Editing under $1000

    Hi I have been hunting for a good stable Quad Core i7 laptop primarily as my DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) with Ableton Live and tons of plugins , design and photography work with Lightroom, Photoshop and Illustrator and some video editing. Sometimes all these applications all at once :)...
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    What should I get for my gaming/every-day use laptop, the Lenovo Y510p or the Asus N550JV? [Please Help!]?

    Right now the specs that I'm looking at for the Lenovo Y510p are as follows: - Intel Core i7-3630QM (2.40 GHz, 6 MB L3 Cache, up to 3.40 GHz) - nVidia GeForce GT 750M (2 GB GDDR5) [Dual, as it has the swap-able "ultrabay" to insert either another GT750 Graphics Card, an Optical Drive, or...