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  1. Z

    Question PLEASE HELP ME is Yoga 9i able to do long zoom meeting with screen share or not ???

    PLEASE HELP ME is Yoga 9i able to do long zoom meeting with screen share or not ??? Hello Recently I bought a 14”yoga 9i.MTM 82BG006KAX ,which still in the box cuz i need to have a final decision about weather to open it or not. As I found this comment on reddit which makes me really worried...
  2. Aragorn Ann

    Solved! Which of these two laptops should I upgrade?

    I’ve used an HP 15-ay065nr for a few years. About 1 ½ years ago I bought a Lenovo Yoga 730-131KB. The Lenovo was my favorite PC/laptop I’ve ever used…at first. Like many others, I’ve had problems with the screen being unusable due to a hardware issue where a particular wire gets caught under...
  3. jarrettstewart

    Solved! Lenovo Yoga Won’t Turn On

    My lenovo yoga (i don’t know specific info. it’s is a very cheap around 300 dollar laptop with no branding or name besides lenovo yoga that i could find) Won’t turn on. The light that said the laptop was on was lit up but the screen was dark so i powered it off using the power button. now i...
  4. A

    HP, Dell, Lenovo.... Which one should I get!?

    Okay, so I am dealing with the fustration of searching for the "perfect laptop". I have already been to Best Buy twice and about to return my second laptop within a week. Let me start off by saying, it has been a long time since I purchased a laptop, so I have been out of the loop, I have done...
  5. E

    Laptop Advice Please Looking for 2-in-1 around $800

    Because there aren't enough questions asking for advice about tech here comes another. I'm looking for a lightweight 2-in-1 with 8GB RAM. Other specs aren't a major concern for the kind of work I'll be doing but I need an HDMI port and prefer a SSD. I've been looking at the Lenovo Yoga 700...