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    Lexmark in sleep mode

    Power button on, but in energy saving mode. will not turn on.
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    Can't download net framework2.0 for Lexmark Productivity Studio - 5600-6600 Series on Windows8 64bit

    How can I get my Lexmark Productivity Studio - 5600-6600 Series to run (on Windows 8 64 bit) if I can't download microsoft.net framework 2.0 from microsoft.com/downloads? Has anyone else solved this problem?
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    install a webcam driver

    i unistalled damaged lexmark x422 and could'nt downloaded from internet
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    Lexmark printer X7170 software

    Lexmark printer X7170 software: Unable to down load into my system is not listed and I don't have the disk. what would be a compatible system that I could down load and still use my printer or could you send me a link to down load it to my system
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    How do I delete Lexmark Fax Solution on win 7 when I don;t have a fax?

    I have a Lexmark printer but no fax. Lexmark Fax Solutions takes up a lot of MB's but I can't delete it because message says it is open on a program. It's not. Any other way of getting rid of it without uninstalling Lexmark, etc.
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    Trouble with Lexmark 7600 wi-fi printer

    Help! I have a Lexmark 7600 Professional printer/copier/scanner/fax. I have a netgear wi-fi router and a laptop. When first installed all worked perfectly but for some reason I cannot now print remotely from my laptop. I can print from my desktop because the printer is attached to it by cable...
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    Fax set up, with lexmark printer

    I have Lexmark X3470, came installed on computer(No Disk) It was uninstalled and after downloading the software, it will not install the printer. Access not allowed. I have tried many forum suggestions, and it appears to require a fax set up file from SP3 disk. I have not got that , as it was a...
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    Solved! Lexmark x4550 wireless setup

    i want to setup my loptop to work on lexmark x4550 wireless setup
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    Adobe 4 5 free download

    I need Adobe 4.5 to be able to use my Lexmark X1150 printer.
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    Lexmark driver

    Hello, My driver has disapeared for my picture project.Its coming up as error code 10 lexmark device driver X422 missing.I dont know what I have done but my photo card worked a cple wks ago now the driver is missing help.
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    Lexmark's Genesis Scans in a Flash

    Lexmark's newest all-in-one provides still competition to HP's Envy 100 Lexmark's Genesis Scans in a Flash : Read more
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    Lexmark Fax Solutions/Magic Jack

    Hello, When I try to use Lex.fax sol. with my magic jack phone it says there is no dialtone. Are the two compatible?
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    Says it's printing but nothing happens

    Hello, My lexmark says it's installed & when i press print it says it's working but nothig happens
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    Lexmark x4550 down load disc

    Hello iv loast my disc for my printer so how can i set my printer up to my lap top its lexmark 4550 thank you debbie
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    top percentage

    How many of you are in the top 1% of all SETI users? I am at a measly 89.076% Companies that = cancer ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via