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    My Lg G2 phone i switched to straighttalk wont get service except very rarely... Am i missing something?

    My new LG G2 phone was ATT i switched it to straighttalk like my older LG phone got new SIM ect. It wont get good signal. Most of the time when it does get service it's the E by reception bars. But very rarely it will get 4G service it never stays for long though. I've went through access point...
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    LG G2 or LG Nexus 5?

    Hi all, I need opinions regarding which phone either LG G2 or LG Nexus 5 to buy, as both of them contains same processing hardware, differences being the Battery capacity and screen size and ofcousre the android version.But G2 will be updated to 4.4 in coming weeks. The price difference between...