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    LG G4 micro SD problem

    Well here's my problem: My phone recently got the reknown boot loop problem, so we went ahead and used the warranty to get it fixed. Now everything works just fine but it wont accept my 128gb samsung sd card. They set it back to its Factory state so my 32 internal memory space is gone already :(...
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    My LG G4 Poor Signal st

    My new LG G4 have the same issue and none of the above answers help to solve it. I bought a new 32GB card it got detected for the first time. Next morning it started o throw errors and removed the card and tried on my PC. The card worked as desired. Then i formatted it again (as it was empty)...
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    My LG G4 won't turn on and when it finally did It can't go past the start screen.

    My LG G4 won't turn on and if it decides to do so it can't get past the start screen. I've tried taking out the battery and charging it overnight but that didn't work. Sometimes when I do plug it up I can get the battery percentage but then I goes to the start-up screen and can't get past it...
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    How do I set SD card as default download location on LG G4?

    Hello, I have LG G4, and need some help. When I take pictures, I have set to save them in SD Card storage, but any download from Google Chrome goes right in to device download folder... I don't see My Files app like I read for Samsung device, but I have File Manager, which I don't see any...