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  1. StrickOut

    Solved! Well I'm back again with another G7 One Problem. No videos play.

    Welp, looks like my LG G7 One still isnt fixed since i've got more problems with it. 1. Phone intermittently shuts itself down, but ONLY when slept • After my prior problem was fixed, I started using my phone again like normal, and very quickly noticed that quite often...
  2. StrickOut

    Solved! LG G7 One: Black Screen, Full Charge, Not responding to forced reset

    My G7 One was stuck on the LG boot logo for about a minute or so. After it booted into my lock screen i used the phone like normal and slept it for about 10 minutes, pressed the power button to wake it, nothing, completely unresponsive. Only solution ive seen online is to press Volume down and...