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  1. fsmith530

    Question Green grid lines on laptop screen

    I can see green grid lines (which is more noticeable on dark background) on my ASUS TUF A15 laptop screen. I first experienced this when a driver update encountered an error. Then I reinitialize update and the grid lines were gone. I don't know if it was just a coincidence back then because...
  2. FrozenMetroid

    Vertical Lines on screen

    Went to turn on my Sony 4k 55x9005A last night and was welcomed with this Worked fine the night before with no signs of problems and now the screen does this. I have sound when I press the menu button as it...
  3. B

    Sony EX330 Flickering images with horizontal lines

    hi, recently im having this image flickering +line problem with the display in my tv.First its appeared as white lines infront of pictures.then its started to get worst.when i asked from repairmen he said its is needed to replace the LCD cause its defective which cost 3/5 price of this tv.once...
  4. A

    Black,white,green,and pink lines appear when i move the lid of the laptop

    I have a hp touchscreen laptop. Whenever the lid of the computer is moved moving black and white lines appear. Sometimes the screen freezes and pink and green lines appear also. What might be the cause of this? Will I have to replace the screen?
  5. R

    Single Pink Line Across Laptop's Screen

    When I first start my Toshiba Satellite C50-A-1DV laptop up, a little pink line stretches horizontally across the screen, about a quarter of the way down. I've messed about with the graphics properties and resolution but nothing in there's making it go away. The moment I tap the screen the line...
  6. S

    Strange type of crash, can't find out why

    Hi there, I've been having trouble with my Asus N56V laptop. It crashes out of nowhere and does this more often as the laptop is used more regularly. I'm rather certain the problem is not software related as I've reinstalled different operating systems and formatted my drive and it keeps...
  7. X

    Dell Inspiron 1545 Vertial Lines On LCD

    I currently have a Dell Inspiron 1545 which is displaying some vertical lines on the left side of the LCD. When I tilt the screen some of the lines may go but some new lines may show up. I was thinking of replacing the LCD ribbon cable. How can I fix this issue? Vertical Lines ->...
  8. J

    Sony HDR PJ820: How do you change the flickering frequency?

    Hello everyone, so I had recently gotten a Sony HDR PJ820 and I came upon an issue where I am unfamiliar with the settings and I'm hoping someone that has this handycam or a similar handycam (Maybe all settings on Sony handycams are the same) could help me with the issue. So I came upon the...
  9. M

    Bad GPU or LCD?

    First off, I'm computer literate so no layman's terms are required for this answer. Second: The laptop is a HP Envy M6-1148ca. The laptop (see pics) has a problem with the LCD where it shows nothing but vertical lines all over the screen! The laptop works fine on an external monitor...
  10. N

    What is wrong with my tv? Please Help!!! Thanks in advance

    First off I am sorry if this is not the right place to post this as I looked over the site and this seemed to be the only place. I have a LG 42LC7D UK.AUSTLJM TV. I was watching it the other day and it just stopped working and this showed up. I fix computers and cellphones but know very little...