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  1. Hendlton

    Something Called "NET. Runtime Optimization" Using 100% of my GPU When Idle.

    I noticed my fans were really loud when I left my computer for a while, checked SpeedFan and yup: https://imgur.com/TOuhqPp Something was putting a load on my CPU and GPU. I left it alone with Task Manager open and it showed something called NET. Runtime Optimization using 100% of my GPU and...
  2. L

    Facebook won't load

    Facebook won't load when I go directly from my bookmark (www.facebook.com) or when I type in "www.facebook.com". It also won't load from google when I click on main link but If I go directly to support inbox or help center it loads no ptroblem. It's like the link is blocked somewhere. It's...
  3. S

    Windows 7 Boot Issue

    I recently upgraded my Acer Aspire 4520 laptop from Windows Vista (SP1) to Windows 7 Ultimate. Everything went smoothly and then when the final restart took place windows 7 was unable to boot, after the motherboard splash screen (the one where you can usually access the BIOS), there is a blank...