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  1. A

    local host:8888 , The server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later!, why?

    local host:8888 , The server is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later!, why? Is there problem in the install or in the web
  2. S

    Getting started with Linux

    Hi, I'm extremely new to the Linux, precisely to the laptops, just got one yesterday. And I really don't know a thing about it. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwQgozL_2RCNeWZRUWluazN3dnM/view?usp=drivesdk And I don't know what to do after this. (image attached) Please help as soon as...
  3. J

    Wi-Fi direct solution

    Hi I have a Samsung galaxy s6 I use a vpn to see Netflix usa, can I stream to TV using Wi-Fi direct at the same time. I can get them to connect to each other I can see the phone on the TV and the TV on the phone they are connected, but I can't get them to transfer anything. I tried alot off...
  4. xFeaRDom

    Cheap/Free Intranet Software

    Hi Community, I have recently been requested to start looking into software to create an Intranet at work, and I'm sort of stuck, as we have many computers that would need to use this Intranet, buying seperate keys would rack up to be quite the expense. Could any of you recommend a cheap and...
  5. T

    Problems With An External Hard Drive on Mac

    Before I start I know that I have a mac. Ok, so I have this Samsung external hard drive, Samsung s2 portable media 640gb. I have a lot of possible information on it. When I plug it in I can hear it running but it doesn't show up. When I open disk utility I see this Any Help Is Welcome. Thank You
  6. B

    how to make my website live on my domain?

    hello i have coded a website on xampp local host , i have access to a domain how can i make it live on this domain ?
  7. M

    mysql error 1046

    Hi everyone! I need to import the file into my local host joomla installation. But I'm receiving the error: SQL query: Table structure for table `bak_banner` DROP TABLE IF EXISTS `bak_banner` ; MySQL said: Documentation #1046 - No database selected Can you help me out?
  8. C

    tried to use brisnet ppsclicked on tampa bay 05042014 it said internal error or misconfiguraton contact server adm or try serv

    trying to use brisnet pp's clicked on race day I wanted it says Internal Server Error or misconfigurationplease contact server admin. at root@localhost to inform them this error ocurred can you help me1
  9. Skoty27

    Best program to setup localhost at home

    So the title asks it all. I'm trying to find a program that i can use to test out my website before i release it. I would like to be able to use php also. I had one where it was an all in install but i cant member what it was called and on win7 64 bit i'm having issues installing php with IIS...