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    Question Canon 70-200 wont lock in body

    Hey guys, So, my Canon 70-200 2.8 was latching on the camera body just fine until last week. It seems like the pin is not going up on the locking hole of the lens, causing the lens to not lock and move freely. I took out the metal plate from the lens and it latches as it should. But once I...
  2. Z

    Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cannot connect to mobile networks

    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 4 bought in Saudi Arabia, now it doesn't connect to any network here in the Philippines. It just displays "Selected network not available." I've tried: -manually selecting network operator -factory reset I know that Samsung phones are region locked but my doesn't...
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    FPS LOCK AT 30 :( laptop:acer aspire v15 nitro

    Hey guy my laptop is acer aspire v15 nitro with 960m which is happy that this isnt bad but i dowload game at steam on hdd it lock me at 30fps i ask acer servies to help me they said just turn on your laptop to high perform so i did and i upgrade my driver too well i go to their store they...
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    How to lock a Macbook Air?

    Any good recommendations for locking a Macbook Air?
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    No Access To BIOS after INSPIRON N5010 A15 update??

    I upgraded my BIOS to A15 as recommended by Dell. I found out that it has password protected setup but I don't remember having set a password. When does it ask for that? Was it before flashing? Or, did the BIOS come prelocked. I need to access my BIOS but I cannot flash it coz it won't permit...