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    Solved! In the long run, which Macbook would perform consistently?

    Years ago, I bought a late 2013 iMac. A few years later, I bought an early 2015 Macbook Air. I found that the Macbook Air quickly performed worse than the iMac, as the startup time and processing time was far more unbearable. The Geekbench Score I ran for the iMac earlier this year was 777 -...
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    Should I get a gaming laptop for college, or upgrade my current system?

    Well, in August I'll be off to college for Aerospace Engineering. Lately, my current computer (Specs at bottom) has been slowly starting to die out, and I may just build a new system (new mobo, cpu, maybe ram, ect) and just get a college laptop around $700. But, my other option, is I can get a...