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    Question How to choose a phone for "longevity"?

    So here is the thing: -How do I evaluate a smartphone based on its "longevity"? Context: -I've had this same Moto X2 for almost 5 years now, and I plan on buying a new smartphone in May-Jun. I've separated around 350 US$ for the purchase, but I'm having a hard time learning how exactly to...
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    Longevity of laptop. Need help to buy laptop.

    I know Apple laptops are very good. But I'm not able to afford it. Which laptop brand have better longevity? Are Asus laptops good? I want a laptop which will last long. I am confused. I really need your help. Thanks in advance for your kind reply.
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    Which Laptop is Better?

    Hello there! I have deliberated long and hard over the topic of which laptop I should buy. I really want a laptop which is not too heavy like, for instance a GT72 dominator pro, and yet still have the capacity for games. I have so far settled on an msi gs60 ghost pro since it's amazingly thin...