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  1. T

    Are there any black colored HP Pavilion P series available?

    I’m looking for a mid-range laptop, so far every laptop in the HP Pavilion R series fits my budget but I really don’t like the look and feel of the R series laptops. There are few P series laptops that I would like to purchase but the problem is there are no black colored laptop in the P series...
  2. hottsauce

    Moto G Kitkat

    I just received the Kitkat update 4.4.2 on my Moto G. It's fine and all, but is there any way I can make my phone look like the Nexus 5? My phone looks like a mix of Jellybean with KitKat, but I want it to look fully like the Nexus 5. Is there anything I can do? Thanks in advance