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  1. M

    Toshiba laptop L 300 lost password

    Dunno what im spose
  2. H

    iphone 7 will NOT reset or communicate w/ itunes. LOST password

    iphone 7plus will NOT reset or communicate w/ itunes. LOST password.
 I have done the side button, volume down reset several times. No luck. Phone is disabled. 
Do not have pass code. Will not communicate with itunes. Need to reset, restore, wipe out phone. No backups. 

  3. C

    Lost password number

    Factory reset forgot gmail password and cant get phone past start up to get my textnow texts thats programed to account
  4. I

    I'm locked out

    My cell # and email are different now lost password for my godaddy acct and yahoo. Have domain names from GoDaddy with matching email addresses ex: ***products.com ***products@yahoo.com Was recovering from major surgery's I called GoDaddy C.S. was no help. Suggestions...?
  5. D

    Lost Password Samsung Laptop Win 7HP i3

    I am locked out of my laptop I am locked out of my laptop with the baby’s and kids’ pictures and other family memorabilia as grandparents are on their way to visit for the holidays. Help!. So created a bootable USB drive on a (Dell) desktop using free recovery and IOS apps. Separately, I was...
  6. H


    Please help me I deleted my administrator account by using netplwiz I don't that when I restarted my pc it needs password now but I did't put any password to my laptop please help me :(
  7. A

    Bitlocker recover, lost password, have ID key

    I have bitlock ID key but i lost password and recovery key for my stick. So how to make that problem
  8. A

    Looking for best way to gain access to a deceased relative's laptop

    So basically a few months a go a family member had passed away and I am tasked gaining access to said member's laptop. I am looking for software that I can set up via bootable flash-drive. I do not know where to begin, what is safe, and what is the best method of cracking into said device. I...
  9. Paul Wagenseil

    Passwords Aren't Dead — You're Just Using Them Wrong

    Because there's no better way to authenticate ourselves, passwords won't die anytime soon. But there are smarter ways to use them. Passwords Aren't Dead — You're Just Using Them Wrong : Read more
  10. M

    HP 655 BIOS key unlock

    code: 53787552 i can't go into bios Does somebody know what my password is?
  11. E

    forgot password to windows tablet running windows 10

    forgot password to my windows tablet running windows 10
  12. B

    What if I can't remember my password

    When I turn on the computer I can't do anything without my password and I can't remember it
  13. S

    Laptop Lost Password NEED HELP TO GET IN ASAP

    Hi my uncle passed a way last week and as a resalt my family would like to know what he was doing in term of business. Now they have asked me to find a way to log in to his laptop and I do recall henris boot cd i think has this feature but I am not sure. Can any one tell me a free way to get...
  14. P

    My mother died and we cannot find her Windows 7 password.

    My mother passed away and we need to access her Windows 7 desktop but cannot find the password. There is 2 users but the other user doesn't have admin privileges. Please help, she has all our family photos, family tree maker, etc on her computer and we really want them. Thanks
  15. M

    im a bonehead

    I have forgotten the password for my acer insirion 5200 wnd i dont have disks. Is there away around this?
  16. A

    my msi win 7 laptop fogot password free how

    lost password on my msi w windos7 please cant buy no tools back to factory free pls
  17. A

    How to open Folder's Locked By Folder Lock in case of Not Remembering Password

    Hello to Everyone I was having some Important Data in My PC , For which I used Folder Lock v7.5.1 To Protect It But by mistake i have Forgotten It's Password !! AND now I can not Open IT CaN anyone Help me There !!!! Program: Folder Lock v7.5.1 OS: Windows 7. 32bit Problem: Lost Password...
  18. A

    how to set key

    how to get lost password for dell inspiron n7110 dell service tag 2kpgQQi bios hint BDBC8C5
  19. C

    lost password on first screen

    My Dad entered a miss spelled name so the password on first window will not open.
  20. T

    lost password as administrator

    i lost my administrator password, can not log on except as guest, no control of anything as guest. no discs or codes available. windows xp. disableing passwords on set up doesnt work.? any thoughts?
  21. A

    emachines kav60 lost password

    I cant remember my password i out on this laptop when I installed the Windows and cant get past it is there anyway I can do this...? Kinda needing it for online classes can anyone help?
  22. S

    How can i trace a registered laptop

    I registered my laptops all three times when I first purchased them. It has been a while, when I registered the laptops I believe it required my name, address and the serial number of the laptop. I don't remember the email address I used, as I said it has been a while but I want to find these...
  23. U

    Bios password issue

    My coworker brought me his laptop to fix (sony vaio pcg-71315L). He tells me it just wont boot. Easy fix right? NO! When I turn it on the post is just the vaio sign and then goes to a blank screen with the flashing curser at the top left. I tried to get into bios but there is a password. I have...
  24. D

    Please Help Me Forgot My Password for Viao Ultra Book SVT131

    Hi I can usually work out everything myself but this has me beat I bought a viao 2nd hand and when I reset thee password i immediately forgot it!!! Dumb or what, when I try the recovery it says I need to insert a password recovery disk or data something....no matter what USB Pen drive new and...
  25. V

    sd card password

    I have working sd card and I havent put any password for it but once when I connect to my pc and it didnt show as a drive I put it back to my android phone and it did not detected when I try it in a nokia phone it is asking for password how can I remove the password with out loosing my data my...
  26. B

    Hdd password

    have a dell latitude c620 with a lost password, code comes up 147X58-595b and asking for hard drive password, can anybody help please thanks boomer58 :D
  27. G

    Lost password for old notebook

  28. D

    Acer notepad with lost password in windows

    I have forgotton my windows password on my acer laptop? can you help
  29. R

    Hard drive password lost password

  30. J

    Acer travelmate 4310 lost password reset

    Hello, i have old Acer travelmate 4310 that i can't remember the password to and i not got the recover CD anymore, is there anyway i can reset the password ?
  31. L

    Hewlett packard 4150 lost password

    i bought a second hand hewlett packard 4150 laptop from a market i switched it on and it has a password how do i get rid of this tanks