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    Question Using an external graphics card with my 2018 MacPro

    I want a bit more power from my 2018 MacPro, it does have an intergrated Radeon Pro 555X 4gb but i wanted to use my ancient R9 280X in an extranal graphics card enclosure I am running the latest version of Catalina and want to know if firstly, its possible but also, if it is, a cheaper...
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    Sales Tax - Purchasing Online

    I live in California and sales tax here is charged at 7.5%. I am wanting to purchase a mac book pro from which is based in Oregon which attracks 0% sales tax. Therefore, if I purchase online from them, am I required to pay sales tax ?
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    Need feedback about MAC Book Pro

    Hi All, I want to purchase Mac book pro on Amazon which comes with Mavericks OS installed. Specs about the device can be found here , http:// Will there be any problems if I install Yosemite OS and upgrade this to 8GB ? Mainly I need this for my programming practice and iOS app development...