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    Question A1278 MBP 13.3" not charging - not switching on - only green led

    Hi all, i’ve bought a MacBook Pro Early 2011 A1278 model 2nd hand. Changed some faulty plastic keys, Changed in SSD Kingston, Put 2x4gb Crucial 1333mhz. All was good and perfect. Only the battery has got more 1300 cycles, so I decided to buy a new one. After replacing the battery it started...
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    MBP turns off after few seconds, wont turn on when plugged in

    Hi, I have a MacBook Pro A1268 mid 2012 that I bought second hand not long ago. I had to sell it recently as I desperately needed the money but the buyer wanted to return it after a week. The MacBook now will not power up. When plugged into the magsafe a strange repeating clicking noise...
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    Laptop suggestions for playing Tera, Minecraft, and Runescape

    I wanted the Razer but its really expensive so I'm looking for anything similar. I just like how slim and Macbook pro the chasis for the Razer is. So if anyones got a suggestion to a more affordable laptop that can run Tera then please! List down below ! I know desktop is alot cheaper ive got...