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  1. M

    Question MacBook Pro A1502 model + Lost MacOS (no recovery partitions) and cannot boot MacOS USB drive!

    Hi, I am newbie to MacBook Pro config world, so I own a used MacBook Pro A1502 model and I lost all MacOS volumes (no recovery partitions) and now cannot boot MacOS USB drive, to re-install it! What to do now? please help (OPTION does not work anymore, Command + R also does not work...
  2. unto

    Question macbook pro i9 16". horizontal red flash lines atop firefox on mouse or keyboard sometimes

    This is catalina. 64 gigs of ram. i9 8-core intel. 16 inch. Only with firefox sometimes there are shifting, intermittent, red dashed lines along the very top edge of the firefox app border. This is the AMD Radeon Pro 5500M 8gig. It's basically impossible to screenshot. :( What causes this...
  3. M

    Question Burn Windows 10 ISO to USB on Mac

    Any one could provide advices for burning ISO to USB? I used boot camp assistant and cp command in Terminal but without any success. My PC needs a fresh install.
  4. Ginko-san

    Question Safari downloads random ZIP file

    So, I've been experiencing something weird. Safari has downloaded a random ZIP file twice so far. The download was made while browsing Facebook and WhatsApp respectively. The ZIP file is called and contains an alias. I did not open the alias file, however, the properties window...
  5. canadianvice

    Crafted MMS Payloads - Can anyone explain how they work?

    I'm a computing science student, so I'm rather interested in the intimates of this. No, I don't need it so intimate that I could replicate it, just some sort of explanation like, say, how Heartbleed was shown in the press. I base it on a recurring issue with both Android and IOS phones, (and...
  6. henrytcasey

    This Nasty Link Crashes Apple's Messages Apps

    Clicking this link crashes Apple's Messages apps for iOS and macOS. Here's what you need to know. This Nasty Link Crashes Apple's Messages Apps : Read more