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    forgoten the mobile no

    plz find the mobile no by name & address [name and address removed]
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    Skype has stopped working.

    I log onto skype, and within a span of 1-5 seconds, an error shows up and says "skype has stopped working." I've tried everything I can think of, and looked all over the internet for assistance, but nothing helps. Maybe you can. Please give me any suggestion you have. I've already: Restarted...
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    How to Extract Text from Flash File

    Hi all, I have a Macromedia Flash file in .exe format. I want to extract batches of text from it. I have Flash Decompiler Trillix but I couldnt open the file as the file is "corrupted" but in fact it should not be "corrupted" since i can open the file independently. Also, the file was...
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    help with macromedia flash player!

    when i try to install my hp photo software for my camera, which i guess uses adobe flash player, i get this error: so i looked up this "Macromedia projector has encountered an error and needs to close" and found ways to fix it. i tried...
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    What is Macromedia Flash 5.0?

    Hi All, When I'm online, I keep getting pop-up window asking if I want to download/upgrade to Flash 5.0 by Macromedia. It shows up as a security warning. What is Flash 5.0? I don't think I have a "Flash X.0" to upgrade from. Is this an ad? I tend to think not, because it happens no matter...
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    Printing something in the

    I would like to know how to print the picture in a Macromedia Flash Player. There is a website that is using it to play a history of women. And there are pictures in there that I would like to print. I just keep getting yellow page, and doesn't matter if I choose the first page, every pages, or...